Who knew a RAT could be so savvy?

who-knew-a-rat-could-be-so-savvyMore and more we are hearing new terms such as “Sexstortion” and “RATting”. These terms are as dark and secretive as they sound. Ms. Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf can attest. Recently while watching the Today show on NBC, I listened to her tell her story about being recorded through her webcam on her laptop in her bedroom. The RAT had pictures of her dressing/undressing. The RAT was even so bold as to email these pictures to her to let her know she was under the RAT’s control. With lots of bravery and support from her family, she denied the RAT this power over her and informed the authorities.

Hearing this story led me to create my product Peep Shield ™. It is a webcam cover that you physically place on your computer and/or tablet’s webcam. If there is nothing to peep through, then your webcam cannot be compromised. This is not a replacement for running your antivirus, anti-malware programs. Always keep those updated. It’s just simply a physical way of protecting your privacy. Much like closing your curtains.

Peep Shield