What about privacy theft?

What about privacy theftWe have been hearing so much about identity theft lately with the security breach of some major retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus.

To remedy the situation they have provided customers effected by this breach with a way to monitor their credit report activity. What if your privacy has been stolen?

If your privacy was invaded through your web cam because of a RAT (remote access Trojan) who is responsible? Who is watching out for you? Your credit report can be cleared if there is unauthorized activity. Who will erase those photos taken of you in your private setting?

As we learn more from Edward Snowden about Government spying activities, it seems we could be an unintended victim of webcam spying. Collateral damage if you will. According to a report concerning the spy program code named optic nerve, in a 6 month period in 2008 the agency collected webcam imagery from over 1.8 million Yahoo users globally.

Some were the persons of interest and the rest, regular citizens. The best thing you can do for you and your family is to be proactive. Cover your webcam! With this simple action you are sending the message that your privacy is NOT an option.

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